As a boutique local firm, LCB has formed strong connections with some of the biggest players in the East Bay food scene including: Blake Joffe of Beauty’s Bagels, Demetrius Chapin-Rienzo of Drexl, Miranda and Fort Green, James Syhabout of Commis, Hawker Fare, Hawking Bird, and Old Kan Brewery, Murat Sozeri of Cholita Linda, and Jake Freed of Shiba Ramen. We believe in going above and beyond in our marketing strategy, including pounding the pavement to find the most unique up and coming concepts to fill our vacancies.

Marketing Plan

1.         GOAL: To lease the Subject Property, at the highest obtainable price in the shortest period of time.

 2.         RESOURCES: LCB Associates’ internal and external contacts and administrative support staff.

 3.         MARKETING TOOLS: LCB Associates has specialized in selling and leasing office and retail properties. We will specifically target users. LCB Associates shall provide the following:

A.        Marketing Materials: Within the first fifteen (15) days, we will:

i.          Develop an informational flyer/brochure; 

ii.         List information on the Subject Property on all CRE websites.

iii. Have signage erected on the Subject Property

iv. List information on the Subject Property on the LCB website

B.        General Brokerage: Cooperation with other brokerage firms will be a vital part of our campaign. We will contact the sales staffs of the major Bay Area brokerage firms immediately upon our appointment in an effort to focus their interest in the availability of the Subject Premises. LCB Associates has a strong working relationship with these brokers.

C.         Target Market: The primary focus of our marketing efforts will be our previously developed target market, located in Oakland the surrounding cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, and San Francisco. Through direct sales, blast emails, cold calls, and brokerage cooperation, LCB Associates will make a concerted effort to expose the product to our selected segment of the market. We plan to distinguish ourselves in this area. Through our aggressive direct marketing campaign, we will lease the Subject Premises faster than our competition.

D.        Presence In The Market: LCB Associates has been an active force in the Oakland real estate market for the past forty (40) years. We have a reputation of professionalism, integrity, and strong work ethics.

E.        Business Relationship And Reputation: Through our years of experience in selling properties and negotiating leases in Oakland and the Greater Bay Area markets, we have established ourselves among many of the businesses in the area. In many instances, LCB Associates is called upon by its former clients in a continuing effort to assist them and their referrals in their real estate matters.

F.          E-Mail Campaign: An integral part of the leasing campaign will be blasting e-mails to users and real estate professionals. LCB Associates has developed an extensive database of hundreds of brokers to get maximum exposure to the Bay Area brokerage community.

G.          Database: LCB Associates has an existing database of information on users in this area, including their lease expiration dates, space requirements, principal names, and telephone numbers.

H.       Monthly Marketing Report: We will provide you with a monthly marketing report, covering our marketing efforts, offers, and recommendations for the coming month.

I.        Highest And Best End-Use: Through our own experience, market trends, and consultation with Owner, we will compile a list of the most logical users and investors.

J.        Screening Of Potential Tenants: We will obtain the financial background on tenants for submission to Owner in an effort to screen potential tenants.


4.         LEASING COMMISSION: Six percent (6%) of the total base rent for the first five (5) years, plus three percent (3%) of the total base rent for the second five (5)years. Leasing commissions are due and payable fifty percent (50%) upon execution of a lease by a tenant, and fifty percent (50%) upon tenant’s occupancy.